Book 6 Post-Credits Scene (Diego)

The midday sun showered El Encanto’s biggest church with a heat so sharp Diego found refuge in the shadows of a well-maintained park across the street. The building has been recently renovated, but the shape of the front, with wide sides and a tall tower, reminded Diego of a toy rocket despite the pleasant color of its walls and ceramic tiles on the roof. It did prove that the new Toro was a religious man, since he was the one to fund the repairs.

Diego sipped cold beer from a can, hiding between the leaves when the front doors of the church opened and people started slowly pouring out. He half-expected Toro to leave first, but the mysterious figure that took over the arms trade in the area two years ago wasn’t in a rush. When he finally appeared, Diego did not have to wonder or look at the picture in his pocket. The three tall men who exited through the door, immediately putting on sunglasses, stood out from the crowd of other church-goers.

With his long hair and elegant style, Toro didn’t seem to fit the dirty streets of El Encanto, but when the man lifted his arms to tie his hair into a ponytail, the two gun holsters peeking out from under his linen jacket reminded Diego of who Toro was.

The youngest man, with a mop of curly dark hair, carried himself with the same suave charm. Mark was allegedly Toro’s son, but since Toro couldn’t be older than thirty, the guy must have been adopted. They had similar build, with Mark being slightly smaller and shorter, but the fitted shirt made him look mature.

And then there was Seth, the man of whom Diego hadn’t even managed to get a photo of. Toro grabbed his lover’s hand, and Diego’s heart skipped a beat at the audacity of it all. But he supposed a man like Toro could do whatever he wanted in El Encanto, even go to church on Sunday with his male lover.

Even though had Diego arrived in El Encanto to spy on Toro, he couldn’t help but allow his gaze to drift back to Seth. In comparison to the other two, Seth seemed most relaxed even if he too wore a white shirt. His sleeves were rolled up, revealing strong tan forearms covered in black hair.

Seth was the one to pull Toro forward with a wide smile, and it was as if he pulled on something in Diego as well, making him follow.

Toro’s lover was built like a gay porn star, with a wide back and an ass that beckoned Diego’s eyes despite his jeans fitting on his hips somewhat loosely, in contrast to the shirt which seemed almost too tight. He was the tallest of the three, and his haircut—with hair shaved on the sides and a short, messy quiff—only accentuated his masculine features.

The passersby ignored the two men holding hands, and it made Diego grin widely as he followed the three local VIPs at a safe distance, still sipping from the can. They eventually reached a row of market stalls selling all kinds of produce, and Seth pulled on Toro’s hand, taking him into the shadow. Mark sat on a bench nearby, leaving Diego a clearer view of the handsome Seth talking with the elderly seller while wildly gesturing at various products. He likely didn’t speak Spanish very well then.

Diego slowly circled the stall, making sure he was still within the crowd, though his own height wasn’t helping with stealth. The scruff on Seth’s face made him wonder how it would feel against his thighs, and he could already imagine the guy on his knees in front of Toro. Sure, Diego had expected a man like Toro to have the very best the world had to offer in terms of partners, but he’d envisioned someone smaller, maybe more effeminate, not the bull of a man in front of him.

Seth smiled widely at Toro as he picked out tomatoes, touching each with those big hands and making Diego groan. When Seth was done, he wrapped his arm around Toro’s shoulder and gave his lover a quick kiss on the cheek as Toro paid for the groceries.

Seth fumbled with his pockets, and when something fell out, he scooted down to pick it up. The movement made his jeans slide lower, revealing a white band over a stripe of bare skin. The kinky bastard was wearing a jockstrap, and Toro definitely noticed, as he took his time staring until Seth got to his feet with a bright smile. He unfolded the small pouch he picked up and revealed it to be a fabric bag, which he filled with his purchases.

Toro pulled him close, and his hand slid right into the back pocket of Seth’s jeans, laying a claim on that perfectly proportioned ass. It made Diego fill with such a surge of irrational rage he only noticed he’d crushed the can in his hand when cold beer flooded his hand.

Diego’s mind was still spinning with the image of that ass in a jockstrap, and he now wished he still had the cool beer to force down the heat rising somewhere inside his rapidly drying throat. If he had a man like Seth, he’s bend him over the table as soon as they got home and fucked him so hard the piece of man-candy would scream his name.

He couldn’t fight the sweat forming on his forehead as if he were getting feverish with all the sudden fantasies that involved Seth on his knees, begging for Diego to fuck him. It felt like getting hit by a truck, and Seth was the driver.

There was no other way.

Diego would have him.