Are you sisters?

No ;D But we both have sisters.

Are you a couple?

No, but everyone at our day job, thought we are. To be fair, we are ridiculously close.

How long will the Guns n’ Boys series be?

At present, we have nine books planned, five of which are already written but need a thorough re-edit. They will all focus on one couple, and there is an overarching plot, but each book has its own arc.

How often will Guns n’ Boys be published?

We’ll try to publish at least two books a year, but it might be more frequent.

How long are the books?

Depends on the book, as some are longer than others. We will aim to keep single releases up to around 100,000 words.

How do you write books together?

We usually ‘control’ one main character each and then alternate writing secondary characters, descriptions, etc. In case of Guns n’ Boys, Kat created Seth, and Agnes is responsible for all of Domenico’s vices ;)

How did you come up with the idea for Guns n’ Boys?

When we first started writing together, it was pure fun. We enjoyed playing with tropes, and using the handsome long-haired assassin stereotype seemed like a good idea, since Seth already existed as a character in one of our other books. At first, Domenico was supposed to be a silent, brooding type, inspired a bit by the main character of Leon. What can we say? He really didn’t want to be this kind of person, and so he spun out of control, which resulted in a clash of personalities that is at the core of Guns n’ Boys.

Who is Guns n’ Boys for?

For adults :)

Why is Seth's name not Italian?

On the subtext level, we want for him to be immediately identified as the other in the crowd of men with very Italian-sounding names like Domenico or Santo. If you felt like the name was odd, it means we succeeded ;)

But the backstory is that by the time Seth’s mother was pregnant with him, there was resentment between her and her husband. She felt trapped in the mafia world,  and with her older son, Vincente, being raised to be very much like his father, she was determined to keep the younger son “for herself”. With a heir to the business already there, Dino let her choose the name, and she chose Seth, a foreign name that apparently isn’t even easy to pronounce for native speakers of Italian. She did so to signify her autonomy, to piss off her husband, but also to separate Seth from the very traditionally-minded environment. It was also a name that Seth’s mother believed would allow him to thrive outside of Italy.

For a more detailed explanation, read THIS POST.

Why did you change the spellings of Frederico and Vincente?

We decided on those names years ago, but our Italian translator alarmed us that they were not correct. This is why Frederico became Federico, and Vincente-Vincenzo. We added an explanation in Chokehold and reuploaded the earlier books with changed names. 

Will there be Spinoffs with other couples?

YES. The one available already is a het novel written as Miss Merikan, Blood & Marriage. But Mark is definitely getting at least one book that will be focused on him, and there will also be one about Miguel.

Are Guns n' Boys and Sex & Mayhem set in the same universe?

Yes. The connections include business dealings between the Coffin Nails MC and the Villanis, which are mentioned in many of the Sex & Mayhem books, easter eggs, as well as characters from one series appearing in the other, but readers don’t have to follow both series to understand the plots.